The International Coaching & Mentoring Foundation (ICMF) is a global organization dedicated to advancing the fields of coaching and mentoring through high standards of practice, professional development, and a commitment to excellence. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential by fostering a community of skilled, ethical, and effective coaches and mentors.


Our vision is to create a world where coaching and mentoring are integral to personal and professional development, driving transformation and growth across all sectors of society. We aim to be the leading authority in the coaching and mentoring industry, recognized for our contribution to elevating standards, promoting best practices, and facilitating impactful outcomes.


The mission of ICMF is to

- Set High Standards Establish and uphold rigorous standards for coaching and mentoring practices globally.
- Promote Professional Development Provide comprehensive education, training, and certification programs to enhance the skills and competencies of coaches and mentors.
- Foster Community Build a supportive global network for professionals to share knowledge, collaborate, and grow together.
- Advance Research Support and disseminate research that contributes to the evidence base and effectiveness of coaching and mentoring.
- Champion Ethical Practice Advocate for ethical conduct and integrity in all coaching and mentoring interactions.

Core Values

Excellence Committed to the highest standards in coaching and mentoring practice and education.
Integrity Ensuring ethical behavior and transparency in all our actions and relationships.
Collaboration Fostering a spirit of partnership and mutual support among our members and the broader community.
Innovation Encouraging creativity and forward-thinking approaches to coaching and mentoring.
Empowerment Enabling individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through effective coaching and mentoring.

what we do

ICMF offers internationally recognized certification programs for coaches and mentors. Our rigorous credentialing process ensures that professionals meet the highest standards of competence and ethical practice. Certifications include:
- Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
- Certified Master Coach (CMC)
- Certified Mentor (CM)

ICMF accredits high-quality coaching and mentoring training programs. Accredited programs must meet our stringent criteria for curriculum, faculty qualifications, and ethical standards, ensuring participants receive the best possible education and training.

We provide a wide range of professional development opportunities, including:
- Workshops and Seminars In-person and virtual events covering the latest trends and techniques in coaching and mentoring.
- Webinars Regular online sessions featuring industry experts.
- Annual Conferences Global gatherings for networking, learning, and sharing best practices.

ICMF supports and disseminates cutting-edge research in coaching and mentoring. Our research initiatives help advance the field and provide evidence-based practices. Publications include:
- ICMF Journal A peer-reviewed journal featuring research articles, case studies, and thought leadership.
- White Papers In-depth reports on key issues and developments in coaching and mentoring.

We are committed to promoting ethical conduct in coaching and mentoring. ICMF provides resources and guidance on ethical issues and advocates for high standards within the profession. Our services include: - Ethics Training Courses and materials to ensure adherence to our Code of Ethics. - Ethical Review Process Mechanisms for addressing ethical concerns and complaints.

ICMF fosters a vibrant global community through:
- Local Chapters Regional groups that provide networking, support, and professional development opportunities.
- Online Platforms Digital spaces for members to connect, share resources, and collaborate.
- Special Interest Groups Forums for members with shared interests to engage in focused discussions and activities.

ICMF is led by a diverse and experienced team of professionals dedicated to the advancement of coaching and mentoring. Our governance structure includes a Board of Directors, an Executive Leadership Team, and various committees that oversee standards, ethics, education, and member services.

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Whether you are a seasoned coach or mentor, a professional seeking to develop your skills, or an organization looking to implement effective coaching and mentoring programs, ICMF offers resources, support, and a global network to help you succeed. Join us in our mission to elevate the coaching and mentoring profession and make a lasting impact on individuals and organizations worldwide.